Frozen food

Son brings lunch to work, so HHA has to prepare something for him the night before for him to reheat in the office. So sometimes when I see items that I feel son will like while at the same time removing some burden from HHA, I get them. Two that I did from S&R are these ones which son raved about:

photo 1 photo 2here

Son sends a text message when he likes his baon and I appreciate that he does. According to HHA, she sent two of the fish fillets as they were puny. I asked her to send some horse radish with this. Not sure if the combination worked as son didn’t mention the horseradish, just the fish and the veggies. He likes the broccoli in the veggies but asked “what were those thin things in the veggies?” I said radish, possibly. But they’re not in this pack (Chinese) but in another that wasn’t Chinese.

So there. Posted these photos to remind me to look out for them the next time I go to S&R.


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