Pride and Prejudice (not Jane Austen’s though)

So goes the title of the K-drama I tried watching just now and I’m almost sure I’ll watch this through and enjoy it. Opening scenes have two of my favorites:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 06.59.27Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 06.58.31The guy reminds me of Romnick Sarmenta though when husband saw it he couldn’t see the resemblance 😦

And guess what, I think he’s going to get the girl this time. In the past dramas I’ve seen, he never has. The Panda thing and a more recent series. Not that he’s bad which is why he never gets the girl, he never does. Maybe a case of the girls’ wanting maginoo pero medyo bastos? Just kidding or am I?

Goodbye for now, I have two episodes to watch.

Oh joy.

(Susan, you should watch this. The lovable rich uncle of Glorious Day is in it, in a most unlikely (following GD) role. I just recognized him because of his voice.)

I think the way the series goes, they solve one case per episode?


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