Shopping for gifts

I love shopping per se, even if it’s just window shopping. I like looking at new stuff, novel stuff like those sold in Quirks, Pylones, QRius. All 3 have outlets in Power Plant, Pylones on the second floor (it’s also in SM Aura), the other two on the third floor. I haven’t visited Pylones in a while as I still have some stuff I bought to serve as gifts either for particular people or for emergency/unplanned occasions.

I get email from Quirks and always check things to get for delivery but don’t pursue ordering them online. One reason is that I’m turned off if payment has to be made in a bank first. So much hassle. I prefer LAzada’s COD arrangement or paying online. Which mode is available in Quirks? I don’t know actually, haven’t checked. Besides, I tell myself, there’s always a mall I go to that has Quirks. Except that sometimes, the item I like in their email isn’t always available in the mall.

I did get the following though, in one visit weeks back:

photo 1 photo 2,

Already gifted the hammer and the recipient liked it. He said, “Tested it and it works.”

Thing with Quirks, though, is that they put items on sale very quickly so I feel a tad cheated when I bought them at the full price. 😦  Oh well.

Still I go.

In its email of late, I found this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 06.34.15

And it reminded me of someone who says the F word a lot. I know she’d like this but what of my image? hahaha, I still cannot say that word and I’m giving something that gives it?

When we were in quirks over the weekend, showed this to son and told him I was thinking of buying it but was hesitant because of the F word. He said “She’ll like that.” But again, what about my image? Ah, I thought, I can cover it with tape and write an accompanying note. But then again, when she wears it and people ask where she got it, my image. Waaaah.

SO do I give it to her? Or to anyone for that matter?

These were the other socks I got. They were all so cute I thought I should just keep them on stock in case I need emergency gifts:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 06.40.21 Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 06.40.54 Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 06.41.06

These photos I grabbed from the Quirks website as the ones I took weren’t at all good.

I hope Quirks doesn’t reprimand me the way two others did. I felt so shamed.



the above is a True Value freebie. It’s a free size shirt  one gets for every P3k purchase, maximum of 3 shirts per transaction.


2 thoughts on “Shopping for gifts

  1. I actually love this girl – she once said she’d visit but I told her she couldn’t because I hadn’t bathed, etc. she said, “Tita, I’m not judgmental.” But I still told her not to come. Sige, I’ll give it to her with the F word taped. Thanks for solving my dilemma.

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