I am not a fan of this genre – space explorations etc. My taste runs along the lines of the mundane – romance, comedies. So yesterday, when son texted he wanted to watch Interstellar, I sighed and thought, okay, I’ll just sleep through it. I wondered if I could just play Candy Crush in my phone except that I knew I’d have to spend for more lives as the movie, he warned me, was 3 hours long. I cannot survive on 5 lives in that span of time.

Happily for me, Interstellar was good. I fell asleep just a short while early on and watched it through, engrossed, involved the rest of the time.

Interstellar involves a family, a human family, and I like family movies. And the characters were engaging: Matthew McCona – I don’t know how to spell the rest of his name; Anne Hathaway – never mind if she was a b**** during the interview with Ricky Lo – she’s not just used to the FIlipino style of questioning which can be too probing, too unbrainy, etc. The young girl who reminded me of Anne Curtis acted really well and one cannot help but be sympathetic toward her. Her brother was more quiet – ergo effective too. Then they grew up.

I was surprised to see Matt damon and wasn’t sure it was he as a result – because I thought – why wasn’t his name bandied about to promote the movie? SO in the theater, I googled and indeed it was he in a surprise cameo role, Google said. But cameo? I’d hardly call it that as his impact was significant, although I guess where MD is concerned, anything less than being the lead would be classified as “cameo.”

Okay, so even non- fans of the genre, give Interstellar a chance. It is a good movie, not a sleeper for the likes of us. It has heart. It has brains. I hope AH won’t have to be interviewed by any Filipino to promote the movie, though I doubt if anyone would dare. Scary… (though we deserve it, really. Unless I guess the interviewer is someone with the smarts like Jessica Zafra or Teddy Boy Locsin)

I searched YouTube and typed “Ricky Lo with” and before I could type AH, her name came out after “with”. Whoa. So to refresh your memories and make you cringe big time, here’s the interview again:

Does that make me a sado/masochist? No, just a sadist. I am not watching this again. The interview, I mean?


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