My Husband’s Student

When my husband first taught, he had this student whom he was always raving about. Edward was at the top of his class but he was a compleat personality. He could dance, was president of his class, the works. He had great potential, husband said.

When he moved on to the high school, we were surprised to find out he was not in the honors section. Disappointed too. But the school isn’t perfect and we attributed that oversight to the school rather than E. We didn’t see him around at all when he was in high school.

Then when he was in college, we chanced upon him and his friend, relaxing before a performance in a school play. That might have been the first time I saw him, but he was so warm and I was enamored. No wonder husband loved him.

We met him several times afterward and he’d always greet us warmly. He’d give me a buzz on the cheek even, like he would an aunt.

Years ago, we saw him in Tagaytay. He saw us and left his companions to say hello. He sat with us for a bit and updated us on his life. He had joined the corporate world. I brought up to him the possibility of restaging a play in the high school of which he was part. Months later, I heard he and his batch mates were preparing to stage said play. I was so happy to watch him perform because though he was corporate by then, he wasn’t stiff and showed he was enjoying himself, as did the rest of the cast.

More recently, we saw him in Ayala Techno Hub and he was with his boss, he again greeted us.

Last night, before the movie in Power Plant, husband said, “O, si Edward.” And before son could join us, he related how he was surprised when a “mama ( young man) called out to him.” He was so surprised he said when he saw it was our son. And instead of just sending his regards to us care of son, he came over to chat a bit. He’s now regional head of a Filipino enterprise, regional head meaning the operations in two countries in Asia are under him.

And yet he has remained the same.

I told him “You have not proven husband wrong, you’ve proven him right.”

Way to go, Edward. WE’ll be praying for your continued success and blessings.

You do us proud and happy, husband especially.


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