A Hodgepodge Weekend

Early evening of Saturday, husband, HHB and I hied off to S&R in Shaw. Prior to doing so, I checked what time the store closes because what if it did at 7? Luckily, it closes at 9 pm. Wasn’t as fortunate with Jipan in Shaw where I was hoping we could stop over for bread. Per the Internet, Jipan in Shaw closes at 4:30 pm. So early.

I was hungry by the time we reached S&R and while I know there’s an Aristocrat in the building and husband is a hapless loyalist, I said, let’s eat in the Chinese resto, next time Aristocrat. Fortunately he concurred. The resto: Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen.

The set up is like that of an old Chinese resto – very straightforward, no frills. The menu had seen better days. But the food was really good. I expected it to be Chow King cheap but was mistaken. Not Gloria Maris expensive, maybe somewhere in between. We had corn soup, sweet and sour pork, yang chow fried rice, scallops and shrimps with broccoli and roasted duck. Yummy. The place was humming with activity, but fret not. Turnover isn’t too long and there’s a second floor.

At S&R there were chocolates galore. We were about to get one from a bunch covered with plastic but an S&R personnel said it hadn’t yet been priced. A sad discovery, though. A shelf (aluminum) I bought in True Value for P9k plus was selling at P6k or P4k; I’m just hoping it was the P6k size I got. I didn’t want to look too closely and count the number of shelves lest I feel even worse.

Thing is, in the past, tables cost more in S&R than in TV. Sigh. Feels so uggh. Oh well.


Sunday saw  us in Nuvali. Son had wanted a black pair of shoes in Timberland Megamall but was sure it would cost even less in Nuvali. He was right, by a thousand in fact. Son also bought Marks & Spencer pants for P800 plus. Oops, these purchases were made in Paseo de Sta Rosa; we just ate in Nuvali at Tonkatsu by Terrazawa.

photo 2 Timberland

Fresh air is free in Laguna. Nuvali has more people spending a leisurely time what with the fishpond, the bicycles for rent, the Timezone train, etc. Stores in Nuvali are mostly SSI ones, at least as far as I could see.

photo 1


4 thoughts on “A Hodgepodge Weekend

  1. A case of “familiarity breeds contempt” though contempt is such a harsh word. Maybe ennui? Or diminishing marginal propensity to consume? By the way I just realized you have a blog. Since when? Following you now.

  2. My dad was an Aristocrat loyalist too. I never could figure out why.

    Sorry po about the shelf thing. You’re not alone po – it’s happened to me way too many times before. Will probably happen again. Haha.

    • Hi Amelie. I used to crave Aristocrat barbecue when I lived in Negros but easier access to it gained from living in Manila has made me grow tired of it. I guess your dad and my husband are two peas in a pod: Aristocrat forever.

      Re buying at a higher cost, sigh, it makes me wish all prices were uniform for the same goods – but that would be utopia. Lesson learned? Likely not. Like you said, it will probably happen again!

      • Haha, reminds me po of how I used to feel about Krispy Kreme before stores kept popping up here in Pampanga.

        Maybe we should just think of it as a high-class problem? Hahaha.

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