Television Set

What a title. So unimaginative. But so is this post.

See, HHA and HHB did a duet – “Te (short for ate), indi na mag andar ang TV namon.”

Uh oh. I cannot now recall when I bought it, but as most of us now, when the HHs use an appliance,… Chorus please …

Ergo, this post is about soliciting suggestions on what brand I should buy. I was looking at Lazada and Abenson online but the cheapest brands are unknown to me: My View, for example.

So please, suggestions.

Something sturdy but not costly, though in their hands……..

No, I don’t want to have it fixed as chances are, it will conk out in no time.

I made a deal with them: when my pressure sore improves, I’ll go out and buy one. So they’ll pray it does. (oops, sorry God for being a user/ manipulative.)

4 thoughts on “Television Set

  1. Postponing having to spend, hahaha. Kainis, why do appliances conk out in their hands so quickly? On another note, MyView is out. A friend who sells TV sets said issues arise less than a year after units are purchased. So be warned as well.

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