Mr. Back and Pinocchio – K dramas both – and then more

I’ve noticed something about K dramas released at around the same time – they tend to have similarities, some stark, some subliminal. But they’re there.

Mr Back and Pinocchio are the latest ongoing series I’m watching and I like both.

Initially, I didn’t want to continue watching Mr. Back because the leading man wasn’t the typical good looking man one has come to expect, particularly when he had full bangs – and at his age? Then he changed hairstyles and I was sold. How shallow can I get but really!

Pinocchio’s male lead is the cute one from I Can Hear Your Voice, ergo cute. But again, the hairstyle – so scruffy. But he’s young so he can get away with it, somehow.

The female lead of Mr. Back is the endearing Jang Nara. She may be typecast as a very good-hearted person but who cares? I wouldn’t want her any other way. She has facial mannerisms evident in all, or maybe most of the dramas she has starred in, perhaps they’re something all her directors demand she does, perhaps they’re inherent in her, but because she is who she is, I am not bothered.

SO  yes, I’m liking both these dramas.

As for one which I started watching earlier, Birth of a Beauty, while all leads look good, the plot is something I am not too happy about. Too far-fetched to be even remotely likely. And I’m not talking about the physical transformation here but how events develop.

I’m still watching Greatest Marriage which is becoming more interesting (thanks Cynthia, for encouraging me to keep going). Its plot is something feminists might agree with – the right of a woman, an unmarried one, to keep on working despite getting pregnant out of wedlock. VG is still in it, acting like a spoiled she-man – is he really interested in a woman? – how annoying.

Roommate continues to make me chuckle when it becomes available every Tuesday or Wednesday. Have the HH’s noticed and come to wonder what’s up?

Then there’s Pride and Prejudice (one wonder’s why they took this title – is Jane Austen livid, amused or what). It’s a suspense series that has a little romance in it. Characters are prosecutors so it’s a series I think even the husband might enjoy if he tried watching it. Okay, I admit, I want him to watch it so I’ll have someone to ask about certain details I may have missed. Like when he and son discuss Interstellar which all three of us watched together, I keep quiet and wonder – what are they talking about? Shhhh… don’t tell them.


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