Dining at home

Weekends usually find us dining in the mall, but the past weekend was an exception. I had some meals prepared here at home, supplemented by takeout food.

So the truffle pasta prepared here at home and served with steak bought raw from Food Bin was enjoyed with the potato dish from Duck & Buvette – the potato appetizer with salted duck egg and sour cream. Yummy.

And for lunch yesterday, we ordered (hold your breath) – 8 Cuts burger (3 Sundays in a row now). For dinner, we ordered salad with salmon from Ninyo, hanging tender which we all shared, and the wasabi oysters.

The beef overload from the previous days made me wonder what to serve for dinner tonight, Monday. Initially, I thought of having tacos but then that would mean beef again. It then occurred to me to serve fajitas.

This recipe is lovely. It is a rare thing for dinner to be wiped out in our household, ergo we have days of reheating, too many to be happy about actually. But tonight was an exception. Some 350 gms of chicken prepared following the recipe and 6 tortilla wraps were consumed. For sauce we had guacamole (from a bottle), Paul Newman’s mango salsa (son refused to touch this), Nestle (Magnolia?) sour cream, Eden cheese – oops wait, that was planned but I didn’t see it (HHA must have forgotten?), Tostitos cheese-based salsa (I forget its exact name). The pita bread was bought from Rustan’s. can’t remember the brand but I think they carry only one kind.


I did modify the seasonings a bit (oh boy, don’t I sound like those who write comments below recipes from foreign websites?):

As I don’t have seasoned salt, I had HHA prepare the recipe for seasoned salt here from which she got half a tsp.

Cumin and oregano I had her cut by 1/4 tsp (we prepared half a recipe).

I also had HHA put the cooked fajita filling on a sizzling plate upon serving.

Burp. Really good recipe.

Next time, I will have it prepared using beef tenderloin or maybe pork?

Do try it!

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