A TV show in the morning

I watch it sparingly and wow, what an earful. Everyone is talking at the same time. Like in a classroom with unruly students. Awful.

And the host asks the guest how long he has been estranged from his wife, with the daughter present. I can’t believe this.

The chef of the resto where the interview is being conducted must be aghast. She’s the epitome of grace and dignity.

Two of the “stars” in the show would be asked to step out if I were the teacher of this class. Is the director allowing them to do their thing? Encouraging them? How unruly.

So why am I continuing to watch? I was sewing so the TV turned on to the show was for it to provide peripheral noise. True, it was noise but hardly was it peripheral. It was intrusive.

Another reason I’m watching is to know where the interesting resto is.

OH well, after this morning, it will be a while before I watch this morning show again.


2 thoughts on “A TV show in the morning

  1. OH boy, if the older gentleman was critical of that resto, I wonder how the host was when they featured that resto. She’s hardly the type to mince words.

  2. Hahaha! A few months ago, we were at UP Town Center and decided to check out a restaurant that was featured on that show. While we were outside idly checking the menu, an older gentleman stepped out with his daughter (presumably), saw us, and promptly told us, “don’t go in girls, it’s not worth it.” It was so funny!

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