Dugo-dugo gang

Maybe three decades ago, my sister lived near Katipunan-Aurora. On one occasion, her husband was on leave, went out for a bit and arrived seeing one of their HHs bringing some stuff of my sister’s after the maid received a call saying my brother-in-law had been in an accident. Luckily, before she could execute the instructions, my brother-in-law arrived intact.

This afternoon, my sister called to share that the maid of her daughter who lives separately from my sister, got a call giving instructions to bring money, jewelry, etc. to some place because my sister’s daughter had allegedly hit the son of a colonel in an accident. Luckily again, my niece has two maids and one of them had the presence of mind to call my niece, even as the other one was gathering stuff for the caller.

Moral of the story? Train your HHs to be wary. Better still, keep your phone in a locked room to which the HHs don’t have access.

If you’re not in the house most times, and even if you are, there’s still a chance your chatty house help will divulge information about the family that criminal minds can use to convince them they’re known to the family. There have been instances when our doorbell rang, our househelp would check out who was at the gate, and and when we would ask her about their exchange soon after, we would realize that she has given info that she shouldn’t have.

Instances like this somehow point to how desirable condo living can be if security is adequate. But again, I’m sure there are horror stories in such establishments, though, possibly, fewer?


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