Things change

A saying goes, “There’s nothing constant but change”. A song in Pippin also has the line, “But things change, things change.”

SO do store practices and policies, even online ones.

Some time back, I purchased something online from Abenson and was calmly waiting for it, not fretful about “what ifs”- like what if it’s not delivered? Anyway, I hadn’t paid yet, I rationalized.

The delivery was consummated with me paying COD, like I would for Lazada. Stress free.

Monday I went online to buy a TCL tv for the HHs. I googled – Lazada, Abenson. Cheaper in Abenson. And there was the COD feature, besides. Moreover, when I called a brick and mortar store of Abenson’s, the price was exactly the same, so online I went.

I repeated the process maybe thrice as I wanted to pay COD, but each time, I was asked for card details and in the end, I surrendered, grudgingly, my card details. There was also a requirement to submit IDs to a particular address. I was hoping I’d officially be reminded to do this via email as it occurred to me, how could they reconcile my ID with my order? (I know, through my email address – but were they that efficient?)

Tuesday passed, no word or email from Abenson to whom I had paid for the TV via my BDO credit card. What next?

Anxious, I called this morning and it’s no joke to get through. Two numbers are listed in their website: one was perpetually busy, I got through to the second. Humanoid told me to call the first number. Horrors.

But the heavens were kind. I got through. The voice sounded a tad wary, I was equally so. She asked what to me sounded like inane questions. She then asked if I had gotten their email as they couldn’t process my order without my IDs. I hadn’t gotten an email and told her that possibly they had sent it with my family wrongly spelled. I said both Zs, no Ss. She reiterated what I said then spelled out my complete name. Okay, you got it. She said “s” in the end. Listening skills underdeveloped?

I asked her to resend the email and told her I’d wait with the phone still connected, citing my difficulty in getting through. She allowed that. I got the email after a spell and saw that their previous one had indeed misspelled the family name. I asked her to wait for my email to get to them and she did.

Thank God for small mercies.

SO there, Friday or Saturday, they’ll deliver.

I then asked, how come I couldn’t pay COD in their website? She said that feature was no more but orders can still be paid COD. How? You have to email them with your order details (ergo, forget the website) and they’ll facilitate delivery COD.

Oh well. One step forward then, two steps back?


Wonder of wonders, shortly after I finished this post, I called Kamirori to have lunch delivered. They no longer have beef brisket per se. It’s now a rice topping. In the menu it reads beef brisket noodles but it’s a rice topping.

Okay, so things change. I’m scared to attempt something else today…

lest it has changed.


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