A homemade Japanese dinner

When it’s not the day for leftovers, I try to “create” a menu that husband and son would enjoy. Tonight we had a Japanese-themed dinner: tonkatsu and tofu steak, with cabbage/lettuce on the side.

The tonkatsu was cooked so well by HHA tonight: I don’t know if it was the recipe taken from here, the heat, the amount of flour, whatever.  When I started to pour Katsu sauce by Kikkoman on my tonkatsu slices, I realized how little sauce there was in the bottle. Oops, bad. So i had HHA get the soyaki sauce from the refrigerator which I rediscovered when we subjected the ref to spring cleaning the other day. Son is the gourmet in the family so he gave the Soyaki a try. He gave it the thumbs up. Husband always starts to eat last, and he tried the Soyaki despite warnings from son and me that the Soyaki had ginger. In fact, when I bought it from Blue Kitchen before and tried it, I didn’t like it. But husband said it was all right. Whew.

As for the tofu, got the recipe from here and son liked it. Except that HHA misheard me and sliced the entire tofu into 6 rather than 16 pieces. Of course I couldn’t finish the one cube put on my plate. Recipe from here.

For veggies, son and I had cabbage with sesame dressing. Same story – the sesame dressing was running out. I had HHA look for other dressings in the ref and she brought out the Honey Ponzu dressing I either bought from Ninyo or was given by it. Husband put both dressings on his lettuce. Yes, lettuce. Cabbage is a no-no for him because of his gout.

So there. Our homemade Japanese dinner.


On another note, please pray for our dog RIngo (combination lab/golden retriever) who’s undergoing surgery tomorrow. Kidney stones.



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