Game shows on TV

When husband happens to be home and we’re watching Eat Bulaga, we cringe together when the answers given by contestants during game shows are horribly wrong, or inane. We start wondering – who or what is to blame?

a. the weakness of our educational system

b. malnutrition

c. a not so good student – an errant one who refused to pay attention in class

d. nerves


Sometimes, I guess, it’s a combination of the above; perhaps it’s just one of the above.

But even more disappointing (and that’s putting it mildly, I’d like to say, tragic) is when the hosts who’re supposed to (hopefully) have gone to school are themselves ignorant of the correct answer. Or when the writer of the show is.

Watch the game show contained in this post shared in Facebook before reading on.


I don’t know who the young lady contestant; her opponent is from the blue school and is part of a highly regarded group.

The young lady “won” – though her answer was mathematically wrong, okay, plain wrong. The hosts declared her answer correct. Did the other contestant know the correct answer? Would he have given the right one had she not beaten him to the buzzer?

If in his mind the answer should have been zero, would he have slugged it out, or out of courtesy, conceded quietly? What would you have done were you the loser but knew the accepted answer was wrong?

In Eat Bulaga, many times, they correct themselves after a commercial break. joey de Leon is particularly conscious/ concerned about such matters, I’ve noticed.

Not saying EB is perfect and the other show isn’t. IN the first place, I don’t know what transpired after the segment shared in the article.

DId anyone point out the error within seconds/ minutes? Was the accepted wrong answer corrected? Were the televiewers enlightened re the error?

I do hope so.


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