Ganso Shabuway

Had lunch in its Shang branch yesterday, fifth level of the East Wing. We weren’t particularly hungry and/or I overordered such that when we finished, there still was left over beef, a crab stick and some veggies. I mourned inside of me, particularly for the beef which was quite expensive. But I didn’t want to stuff myself. Further, I didn’t want to ask son lest I be given THE EYE.

Luckily, son said, let’s have it cooked and take it home. I asked husband to call someone but he refused. Son waved a waitress over and she said fine; son asked where it would be done, she said we could just do it on the table.

Yippeeeeeee! So it was done and I’m having it for lunch later.

Moral of the story: – read the above.

Incidentally, if you’re in Healthy Shabu-shabu, try not to include the noodles. They’ll absorb the broth away and become fat. As in really fat. Obese even. Fluid retention.


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