with Evita Peroni, that is.

I have my phases. Years past, I was obsessed with getting bling-bling. The really cheap ones. Then I had also a phase where I wanted hair clips or that thing which allows one to put up one’s hair in a ponytail. I never learned how to fix my hair into a neat bun, unruly was the norm in my youth. Just kidding. It was in a sense but that was a natural for me.

Before yesterday, the last thing aside from shampoo, conditioner and hair dye which I had bought for my hair was an Evita Peroni headband. It’s made of plastic but doesn’t break. I’ve had it for years and wear it whenever my bangs are  annoying – bangs that aren’t really but manage to fall to my cheeks and make them itch. My left cheek particularly.

Then around last week, my sister asked me to find her hair clips. NO specifics, just hair clips. Goody? She might laugh at the brand. SO what else?

Yesterday, we were in Shang so I googled where my long lost friend EP was. OH, still on the second floor of Rustan’s. Great.

When we entered, I asked one of the sales ladies where their hair clips were, was pointed to the area. When I said I wanted a pair, they said, “Evita Peroni”. The ones I was shown earlier were quite heavy stuff, weird if one put a pair on one’s hair. Moreover, both sides of the clip were decorated, so it really was more for a ponytail than for hair released (I’m too lazy to think of the word that’s more accurate).

When they said EP, I must admit I was a tad apprehensive. The last ones I bought from EP< aside from the headband which was perfect, were some kind of duds: the beads discolored. What were originally brown had turned green, so I gave them to the HHs. A difficult decision as they weren’t cheap. I saw one just now, it was just the koosh(?) I had given away after all. Here’s the one I kept but don’t use outside:


Anyway, to go back to yesterday, I was a tad surprised that EP no longer had its own section where items were laid out over a huge area. Instead, the clips were lined up like they weren’t anything special, just one beside another and another in a glass thingy. And while before most of their thingies were close to one grand, I was surprised that what I liked was P485 for a pair! Here it is:

photo photo(1)

Tried it on and liked it. The girl showed me another color — more on the brown side, but I chose the black. Oops, I was supposed to find my sister hair clips, right? Not myself? SO I got her the brown pair. and another that was bulkier. Sorry but I had hers wrapped, so no pictures.

I am wearing the pair just one piece at a time. And by the way, I guess to show how EP is special still, the pair I got had a dust bag. Cool.


6 thoughts on “Reunited

  1. she was joking as I was, I hope? pero di ba? Like before, I forgot which celebrity who said she always wears beautiful lingerie so that in case she meets an accident, bongga pa rin suot niya when they undress her down to her undies.

      • Hahahahaha! I remember my friends sister, back nung usong-uso hairspray in the 80s, nag-spray ng hair nya and styled it before sleeping. When we asked her why, baka daw mapanaginipan nya prince charming nya and gusto nya ayos ang kanyang buhok.

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