Va Bene

Son had eaten in the place once and was raving about it. And so we went, waiting over an hour for a table. Son had earlier warned it’s not a fine dining place and doesn’t pretend to be one. Prices aren’t cheap, with pasta dishes going at P300 plus at the very least. Yes, VB is a pasta/pizza place. Italian dining in the building in Bonifacio Global City where the cinemas are and most if not all stores are owned by Store Specialists Inc.

So what’s the verdict?

I  wanted to order something with risotto or risoni but the waiter said that such would take a while to cook. It was 9 past when we got a table. So I ordered pasta. Yes, I did.

I wanted to have ravioli and ended up getting the lobster/prawn one. I only got a piece, son got a piece and the rest we took home. At least two reasons: I had taken 1/3 of two orders of mushroom soup, some bruschetta (free) and one meatball from the appetizer we ordered. All quite good. But the pasta I wasn’t too fond of, though son said he found it good.  Why didn’t I like it? It had a taste of either lemon or lime, too pronounced for me to like it.

I did get a tiny piece of husband’s carne sandwich which had my favorite salami milano and then some.

I also got a small bit of son’s parpadelle – a pasta with beef and chorizo among others. I liked the meat in that pasta and the general flavor altogether. Husband’s sandwich was quite good too.

All of us had leftover to take home.

The resto’s seating somehow made me wonder whether Sandy Daza was right after all in not accepting reservations in Wooden Spoon. See, when we first went to VB, we were line up 5th in the waiting list. When we went back maybe 45 minutes later, we were 4th. Does that make sense? Someone explained that the seeming slowness of the turnover was due to the fact that some of the tables had been reserved. Ergo, even if one table was vacated, two, three, those in the waitlist had to give way to those who had reserved, even if they came later.

There were tables where the diners were lingering over coffee or conversation, so we just had to wait.

Funny as later, I saw a cousin and here children et al. She asked where we ate, in the Italian place? We said yes. They had also had themselves listed and by the time VB called them up, they had eaten. We never got a call but had taken a chance by going there, waited maybe some 20 minutes, before we were seated. And soon after we were, a table of 5 was vacated and other tables besides. Some hopeful diners had left, had they waited just a little, they’d have gotten a table. But of course that was iffy when they came.

So there.

IF you want to try VB, reserve a table.


For dessert we got some Madagascar ice cream. SO heavy, with one scoop being so huge. I took a few wooden spoonfuls and turned it over to husband. I got the vanilla madagascar with half baked cookie. Quite good. Husband had the sumatra coffee chips ice cream, son had the Christmas flavor. Didn’t like that too much as it had a hint of cinnamon. NO, not just a hint but a truckload of cinnamon. That is a hyperbole, of course. It also had walnuts and mint. Son liked it very much. Husband said his (sumatra) was the best.

2 thoughts on “Va Bene

    • Thanks! My order was the only one that was a bit off-putting. In fact last night, when we were having leftovers for dinner, I asked husband if he had tried it when I ordered it in VB. He said no, it looked so unappealing. It remained untouched last night, so I gave it to the HHs. Wonder if they ate it. I’ll share this link with my son!

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