Having a Baby

No, i’m not talking about the other store of Big and Small, nor of my having one in this ripe old age of 58. So why this post?

Back in either high school or college, no I think it was in high school, I was in our town’s puericulture center with some classmates for our YCAP (Youth Civil Action Program) – a requirement for graduation  during Martial Law. Someone was giving birth and screaming her lungs out. The wife of a public official said under her breath, “That’s why I don’t want to have a baby.”

Fast forward to the 1980s. I had a pressure sore for which a plastic surgeon was recommended by my neurosurgeon. He also said he and his wife chose not to have a baby. The nurse taking care of me then and myself speculated why. We hazarded – maybe, after seeing all the possible defects, he became wary.

Tonight, I was speaking with a young father with a 1.5 year old son. Days back, he wrote that his son was feared to have apnea like he does. Tonight, as we spoke, he also mentioned how the doctor said his son was short for his age. Months back, another worried father confided that the pedia said his son then a little over a year old was “behind” – at his age then, he should have been able to say some 30 words.

I was aghast. When I was pregnant and even afterward, I didn’t read any baby books. I was given a Dr. Spock book, read maybe a page or 2 and decided to play everything by ear. Even then I wasn’t sure my memory could remember everything the book said. So I prayed and used my instincts in bringing up my son.

I did experience some moments of anxiety particularly when the doctor said my son’s fontanel was closing too quickly. Worst case scenario? His head would have to be opened up. You can just imagine how fearful I was, how hard I prayed. You can also, I guess, ascribe my fear of doctors to instances like the aforementioned.

Are doctors these days overdiagnosing? Way back, if a child was listless in class, he’d have been described as naughty. Now a child who’s listless has either ADHD, ADD, is a sociiopath, etc. In the past, that listlessness might have been ascribed to negligent parents. Now it’s all genetic.

What am I trying to drive at? I have to sleep now as husband is turning  me to my side soon and I cannot go on here.

Needless to say, I hope I’ve made my point?


4 thoughts on “Having a Baby

  1. My cousin doctor once scolded me when I asked her about something I read — I think wala pang Internet noon. She said “Don’t believe everything you read.” I think I was worrying I had the symptoms of some ailment I had read about. Ignorance is bliss, ignorance is bliss, ignorance is bliss.

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