Tsundoku and then some

Yesterday, a friend shared this link in FB with the following accompanying photo:

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 22.12.22

I was beside myself with excitement for at least two reasons: I like illustrated books and I like to pretend I’m learning something.

Upon reading the article to which the link led, I thought it would be wonderful if a book were available. And I discovered there was in Amazon. Oops, but having it shipped over would cost, so I looked: Goody, a Kindle edition was available and cheaper by a few dollars.

I promptly got myself a copy and am enjoying it but for some flaws I discovered along the way, well maybe not flaws but something the author could improve upon if she makes a revised edition. It would have been good if the pronunciation of the terms was indicated or even an audio of it for the Kindle version. Second, the definitions do not seem to match the part of speech indicated. For instance, “commuovere” is defined thus:

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 22.17.39

The part of speech indicated is “Verb” but the definition sounds more like an adjective.

Another enhancement to the book might be the word’s being used in a sentence so that the lesser mortals like myself can use the words like I knew like the palm of my hand.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m nitpicking because that is not my intention. They’re just how I wish the book were presented to make the words more accessible to this cretin.

I rest my case.

Article was taken from a brainpickings.org post. Interesting website that.

So curious about the word commuovere because it brings to mind several books, TV shows and movies, I googled and found an entry in wikitionary that even has a table presenting the conjugation of the word.


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