gallimaufry again

Sunday, son was scheduled to fly out at 2 pm and we were decided to leave the house by 11, latest; 10, earliest. See, I had read in FB that traffic on the 28th and 30th of November would be particularly bad according to MMDA Chair Francis TOlentino as it’s the time of year – payday weekend plus 13th month pay.

WAZE, as usual, served as our guide. We took EDSA. I was sleeping most of the time as I had taken Sinutab because after waking up at 4 or was it earlier, I couldn’t sleep and my sinuses were acting up. Contrary to predictions, we got to the airport after 45 or so minutes, minimal traffic in the stretch were roadworks or rather where the LRT (MRT) is being constructed.

After leaving son in the airport, we set out – where to? Husband asked. I said “You need anything in Shang?” He said “No.” I shouldn’t have asked, so the surly, sleepy me said, “Eh di, uwi na.” Then I slept again. When I woke up, I saw he had taken EDSA and wondered whether he’d stop at Shang. Hooray, he did. I was awake, of course.

He wanted to have lunch at Duck & Buvette. All tables taken, we were waitlisted 9th. But I wasn’t particularly hungry and husband was willing to wait. They’d call or text, they assured us.

One of our “accomplishments” while waiting was to have husband’s Globe number changed. Weeks back, he finally availed of a post-paid plan, one that will allow him to surf and use WAZE. Funnily, the number he was given was a recycled number. So he’d get text messages about textbooks, etc. Husband and I are different in that sense. Had I been in his place, I’d just have ignored those messages or tell them they got the number wrong, but it bothered him. So he requested for a different number. Normally, a charge of P550 is imposed for such a request. But Sab said she’d waive it. I think that’s only fair, considering that the request was not made out of whimsy. The number given was a recycled one – the plan was obtained in Globe Power Plant. So there.

As we were entering the elevator, my phone rang. Thinking it was D&B but unable to take the call, we proceeded to the resto. They hadn’t yet called, the girl said, but they would be clearing a table for us soon.

I was a tad disappointed by the service we got that day, but maybe, I just wasn’t feeling well? Very impatient and listless, the waiter who took our orders was. Oh well. But the food was good, so I guess that’s what’s important.


At Timberland, the man manning the store was very attentive, unlike the ladies of weeks or months past. And so was the man in Urbanize from whom I got  a case for my power bank.

At Pismo, the powerbank being sold was of a brand unknown to me. Digital Walker, same. Plus because my phone is old (iPHone 4s) the power banks available didn’t have a cable dedicated to my old phone, only for Android and iPhone 5 or higher. So we went to iStudio on the 3rd floor of the old wing of Shang. And there I got a Mili powerbank for P3plus k – not bad considering its capacity: 10,000 amps. Hooray.

My first powerbank was a mili also but I wasn’t too pleased with it, so I got an MPow. Happy with it but son borrows it when he goes out of town, hence the decision to get another. At 10,000 amps, one can fully charge four phones or four times, I think. So happy with it. Plus it looks really nice.

It’s not beside me now, so I can’t take a photo. Googled and found this.. Not attaching the photo in the website as it’s not “nice” enough. If you check out the link, you’ll see I got it cheaper than from the website. Victory.

Reminds me – how come stores of a brand, e.g., Sony and now, Mili, sell their own stuff more expensively than do the retailers? This practice I noticed as early as the 1980s when we’d buy a TV. It was always cheaper at Zoom in Ali Mall than at the Sony showroom.

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