Young Ladies in the Limelight

I don’t read the papers, I only buy them Saturdays and Sundays, more because I want to patronize Manong’s “product” rather than to be updated on the news. So the newspaper gets read a week later if it’s lucky, sometimes, months’ after. Ergo, the stuff gathers dust and I have clogged sinuses.

But I digress.

This morning, husband set the alarm at 3 am, turned it off and fell back to sleep. I woke up and have stayed awake since (It’s 11 am now, though I think I did doze off for a few minutes and thought it was afternoon; wrong, it was merely 9:43). Anyway, when I was awake, I saw on FB news about an aide in the US who will resign following what she said about Obama’s daughters: how they conducted themselves, how they were dressed. SO I looked for a video to verify. And what did I see?

Two young girls dressed very decently (and believe me, I am conservative, I am for modest dressing). Sure, their skirts were short but they had stockings on. And they were more than adequately covered – no cleavage baring and all. And there was criticism against their facial expressions. I didn’t see them doing anything of the sort.

It’s sad when people criticize those associated with a political figure they don’t like, especially if the criticism isn’t at all deserved. It’s worse that these are children of the person they don’t like, just because they’re his offspring.

Seeing how the two girls were clad, I remember how a Benedictine nun said when she saw my mini-skirt – it’s not how you’re dressed but how you conduct yourself that matters. I guess, I still looked chaste even with my Nora Aunor copied dress: pink with puffed sleeves, empire cut, a row of lace with blue ribbon to mark the empire cut. Yes, I remember that dress vividly. Material was textured linen or jacquard? And to substantiate her observation, some 10 years later, I was working by then, one of the college students said I dress up like a Cenacle nun. I didn’t know then if I should have been flattered or offended.

Check out this link to see the two girls


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