I don’t know how to title this

but today, I had two startlingly similar experiences that demanded my being vigilant and assertive in either or both instances:

a. Days back, I asked someone in FB about her baked goodies. She mentioned that she charges P300 for delivery BEYOND QC. She didn’t state any minimum order so I ordered two mini cakes @250 per. Today when I texted her how much so I could prepare the payment, she answered P500 plus delivery fee of P300. I was aghast while at the same time hesitant to  assert myself as the entrepreneur is a friend. But I felt unsettled and decided to remind her of the “300 for delivery beyond QC” which she wrote in a message to me.

Once I had done that, I decided to leave everything to fate/charge everything to experience, etc. I didn’t want to ruin the friendship although it is a light one. She replied something like “Oh right, you’re in QC. Okay, I will waive the P300.”

Experiences like this one make for the realization that sometimes, it’s better not to do business with one’s friends lest one ruin the friendship through some misunderstanding. Oh well.

b. I called City Delivery (8787878). Before that I had called Serye in Eastwood but the girl there, who was apparently a newbie, was hard put to answer me without consulting someone else. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when she said they didn’t have half chicken, for me to get the leg part, I had to order a basket of 6 that had all thighs. For P600 plus. Decided to call the Serye branch in QC Memorial instead. If it were for me alone, I’d have given up on Serye but as I had already told husband about ordering his favorite barbecue, I had to persist.

At QC Memorial, Serye told me they had Basic chicken that was thigh and leg. I proceeded to tell the girl what I was ordering when she said to dial  87878 as their rider wasn’t around. Again, if it weren’t for husband, I’d absolutely have given up.

So I called 87878. After ordering my basic chicken with lumpia, husband’s barbecue, and a cup of molo, I was told my bill was P1k plus. I was aghast. Yes, aghast again. I decided to enumerate my orders and listened as the girl recited how much each was. Total was like 600 plus. So why P1k? I asked how much delivery was. She said P100 plus. I asked if there were other charges, she said none. THen she said, how many barbecues? I said one. She had inputted two.


Is Mercury in retrograde?

Bonus, though, as my order reached P500, I get a can of Pepsi free, the girl said. Now if they forget that, I will insist Mercury is in retrograde even if it isn’t.


5 thoughts on “I don’t know how to title this

  1. And the small things going wrong, you too? I’ve been wondering whether I just lack sleep but so many things have been giving me reason to be irked today. Like I asked HHA to recycle the dehydrated lechon kawali from a neighborhood resto to adobo flakes. When my lunch came, I didn’t see flakes but wet, normal adobo.

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