A Busy Day

Woke up around 4 am. Around 5, I  saw a PM in Facebook inviting me to mass and a breakfast this morning. I promptly PM’ed the sender and asked what time the mass would be; she replied 7. Whaaat?

Luckily classes had been called off, ergo I had a “driver”. And it was early enough for me to bathe, dress up and get there by the appointed time. The mass was in QC not that far from home.

We got inside the church as the entrance song was being sung and guess what? Son was able to join us. He left the house around 5:45 am (he has to be at work by 7) and was back by 6:30. When he was in Buendia, the boss texted that work had been called off. Earlier, he had told son work would proceed as usual.

After mass we greeted our wedding Ninang who was celebrating her 95th birthday. The stroker (years back, I blogged about her, remember? And yes, its stroker, not stalker) was there. After returning her hello, I paid her no heed. Suplada pala ako? (hahahaha, ngayon ko lang nalaman?!)

We were in the same table as the S but son was immediately beside her rather than husband. Wanted to warn son she might be stroked. Enough of her.

The breakfast was at a resto not too far from the church. It is owned by Chef Laudico. Four steps led to the entrance but I didn’t really care. Then suddenly, the daughter of the celebrant (celebrator, KA told RIcky Lo) came out with her husband to instruct the waiters to open the door to another section of the resto where there were no steps.

It was nice to reconnect with the people in our table. I liked all of them but for S. All very engaging and intelligent, I didn’t mind just listening most of the time. NO hubris despite their stature.

So there. I thought our day outside the house would end there but it didn’t.

Around 11, son said we’d have lunch outside. And get a Christmas tree.

So late in the month?

You’ve seen normal Christmas trees, like this one:

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 19.22.52

No that’s not ours, I just screen grabbed it online.

Then a few years ago, this type of Christmas tree surfaced:
Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 19.21.59

That’s not ours either.

Suffice it to say that for the last N years, we’ve had the same tree, with the decor on it varying by a few balls, sometimes, new candy canes, etc. This was our tree last year.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 20.04.47

I didn’t take a picture this year as I thought it didn’t look much different.

But then this morning, just after he woke up to go to the sala, husband said our tree was lying on its side. I asked if he’d left the windows open last night, and if the wind had been strong enough to topple it over? Or perhaps Ikabod had superpowers that gave him the strength to shove the tree to its side. Or maybe, Little Red Riding Hood’s woodcutter dad had chopped it off?

But no, husband said one of the legs broke.

So when we went out for mass, I saw the tree on its side. Likely, I’d have taken its picture if we weren’t pressed for time. But by the time we got home, the maids had removed it from the sala and dismantled all the decor, none of which had broken!

Before we left for lunch, HHA said the tree we buy should be as tall as what we have. And she asked me to buy yellow and red balls like the ones in Metrobank. Wow, who’s the boss?

We came home empty-handed after 5 hours in Megamall. We checked out the trees in SM but they had no boxed ones left. And those we saw were so imperfect – the wires showing and stuff. I didn’t buy the red and yellow balls either. earlier, I had asked husband and son to go to Rustan’s where I knew the trees would be nicer, but son said we’d buy in Megamall na lang.

So, when we came home, I had HHA look for our tiny trees and arrange them in one group. I am not sure she has done it yet but they’ll have to do until I find the energy, time, and pesos to get a new tree. Actually, when I asked the elevator person where we could find Christmas trees, or was it the person in Crate and Barrel, she remarked, “medyo late ata, ma’am”.  I couldn’t agree more.

oh well.

To Crate and Barrel. The furniture smell fantastic. I am imagining if I had just one piece and put it in a room, the room would smell great! Son said the items seem more expensive here than in Pottery Barn but the designs are more modern. There are kitchen stuff available, of different brands. I was about to buy a Brabantia digital measuring scale but it didn’t work. They got another, same story. They got a third, it worked on batteries that had froth. Dried froth. Like what comes out of a rabid dog’s mouth. Ended up buying paper doilies and a garlic press, instead. See we had just eaten in Ippudo after maybe half an hour’s wait and husband and son enjoyed using table-side crushed garlic.

At Crate and Barrel they have a twin-seater sofa bed. P170k. I asked if they had anything cheaper: P70k. But one pays for quality so that when the sofa was converted to a sofa bed, the more expensive one was transformed more easily and quickly than the cheaper one, which moved to the side as the clerks struggled to transform it.

No, I didn’t get the sofa. But I might dream of it?

The doilies images grabbed online – I had the ones I bought gift-wrapped:

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 20.14.08 Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 20.14.18

Gift wrapped in C&B means putting it in a paper bag with the store’s brand name and putting a tag like a luggage tag. I think they could also box your purchase if these are bigger.

By the way, the doilies above are paper doilies.

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