Christmas Doings

Saturday, after our Christmas tree fell on its side, the table on which it had stood looked bare, even as it still had the reason for Christmas’s being or its representation: a creche – three creches in fact; the biggest I bought in the eighties and the two others, presents.

photo 2To somehow create a semblance of Christmas, I asked HHA to put the 4 Christmas trees we have on hand, tabletop ones and she bedecked them thus:

photo 3I don’t know why she didn’t the fourth, perhaps because it sparkled on its own and didn’t require any input from her? I was hoping this would work, but somehow, something seemed amiss.

Yesterday, I called S&R and Rustan’s Gateway and Rustan’s Shang to know what options I had. S&R has fresh pine trees that cost almost P4k, would last a month. Plus one had to buy something on which it would stand. I was thinking of getting this – it would give the scent of pine, I was assured, but somehow we decided on getting the undisposable kind in the end. S&R had Designer Blooms trees upward of P11k, I think. Rustan’s had P11k also or thereabouts.

Husband seemed reluctant for me to go with him so I let him be. Though HHA had said the tree should be as tall as what we had, possibly 5 ft or 6 ft, husband, sight unseen of the tree up on its feet, got the bushy version which he saw in the box. It was less than P10k, and measured 8 ft. There were 6 ft trees but they looked ordinary he said. So here’s the tree in our sala:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 17.58.10

Looks a tad sad? Unfinished? What to add? I’d like to add lights but Christmas fires I dread the thought of. Ribbons? Leis? Suggestions anyone?

Compare this with the tree whose picture I posted recently:

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 20.04.47

Ah, I guess because the new one is devoid of a skirt and has fewer decor, it looks lacking. Can’t wait for the weekend to look for possible enhancements. Maybe I’ll look at pictures of Christmas trees online… but please, any suggestions will be welcome, most welcome.


meanwhile, some tidbits:

Got this huge cake – 12 x 16 inches from Shoppersville Bakeshop for P530. Orange flavored. I gave it as a gift to a suki store’s personnel, my way of saying Thank You. I called the store minutes after, not to receive their thank you, but in search of HHB who had delivered it. The person who took my call said thank you for the cake when she realized it was me but said this is bawal – for them to receive anything. Oh well, that will be the last time then.

photo 1

Another tidbit – had HHA prepare sukiyaki the other night. Husband kept removing ligaments from the beef, it bordered on amazing. There was more meat on his plate than in his mouth and then belly, post dinner. Bought the meat from Rustan’s.

Luckily I had just bought 150 gm. I had actually asked for 1/4 k but they didn’t have enough. Siguro, napagpili-an na, hence the poor quality of the meat?


Re husband’s not wanting me to join him when he got the tree, I realized why when he came back. He got me a “Happy Anniversary” present. And the card said, “Merry Christmas!” as well. Yes, two(occasions)-in-one present. A gift of time, the box said.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Doings

  1. Thanks for the suggestions, Amelie. I think flowers might work.

    Re my husband, he has his “moments.” If I tell him what you wrote, his reaction will likely be, “Who me?”

  2. Good call on the tree – it looks robust po. My mother puts flowers that are covered in glitter – our tree’s basically made up of shiny, glittery flowers and balls. Buti nalang wala akong interes sa pagdedecorate.

    Your husband seems very sweet po. 🙂

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