Black Sheep at BGC

I titled my previous post, “Am I cut out for this?”. That was in reference to Black Sheep where my son reserved dinner for last night, 12 Dec 2014, to celebrate his father’s and my wedding anniversary, our 26th. I had read reviews of the place online and they were hardly encouraging. I had hinted to son (see previous post) about my misgivings but he didn’t react, while husband said, let it be.

My apprehensions were for naught. Ultimately, that is.

The bumps prior to the resto experience included: the traffic, among others. We left the house around 5 pm, got to BGC at 6:30. Got lost despite WAZE, had to ask at least two people where the place was and finally got to BS around 7 or a little past. Our reservation was for 7 pm.

It was stressful. After parking, we rode the elevator to the ground floor. From there we should have taken the elevator for the upper floors, the resto is on the penthouse. But what do you know, the elevators leading to the upper floors were behind these turnstiles that weren’t wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Alternative: take the service elevator one could reach from the ground floor after negotiating 9 steps. Seriously? Yes. They’d carry me in my wheelchair, they said. Except that husband doesn’t trust anyone except son and himself to be in charge of the wheelchair handles. And son wasn’t yet around. We were about to back out when son came and said, “let’s go somewhere else?” Then he had a Eureka moment: from the other side, isn’t it flat so we could get to the service elevator without negotiating steps, he asked the guards and reception. Yes, they said, so we went around outside the building to get to the parking portion where the service elevator was and got there without negotiating any vertical steps. hooray! A guard accompanied us and apologized about the state of the elevator – a tad dirty, he said. I asked if it smelled (As did the one in Podium the last time we were there). He assured me not, so we were fine.

Black Sheep is not well lit, unlike Le Jardin beside it. It’s set up like a bar with some high chairs and some sofas. We were escorted to our table which I liked in that no one could see “what we were doing” and vice versa.

Deciding on what to order took quite a while because while the menus are set ones, there were decision points nonetheless. I wanted to order the cheapest as son was paying, but I wanted some beef (though I was trying to keep this a secret from him, of course). Ultimately, he took matters into his own hands and ordered three different menus: a seven-course one, a five course one with additional beef, and a five course one. Sean attended to us and one couldn’t have asked for a better person to do so than him. So attentive, so knowledgeable, so polite. Not at all patronizing, though I’m sure I must have asked some inane questions.

Meanwhile, before our orders came, son went to the men’s room. He told his father when he came back to the table – “you should see the banyo.” When husband came back, he showed us this photo:

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.09.11

Ah so, that’s why son asked his father to go to the banyo. I’m sure the ladies’ room must have had a similar message, but I didn’t go so I didn’t see it.

Here’s one of 3 photos of me husband took – finally, I’m posting a photo of myself but only because the view from the penthouse where BS is, is beautiful:

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.11.40

I took only a few pictures of the food. Here they are: (not very good ones, obviously, as photography isn’t exactly my forte. Hopefully, son’s pictures are better. Will ask for them later).

photo 1

Above is a picture of an open egg with froth – to resemble balut. The froth has some beer in it, I think. Sean advised that we eat what was at the end of the stick in one blow and then drink the froth. It was quite good and the froth wasn’t too bitter. I was hesitant to take it but son was pushing me to do so.

Beside the egg is a tocino bun. It really had bits visible. It was served with butter (photo below):

photo 2

The photo below is categorized as “today’s catch”

photo 3

The spoon has a prawn dumpling which was good, but the prawn roll was even better. its dip consists of mayo and crushed prawn heads, tucked under the spoon with the dumpling. The dip was so good that I kept dipping the by then empty tail of the prawn just so I could eat more of the dip.

photo 4

The picture above is called “bahay kubo.” This is a very interesting dish. On the right is a semi-circle that has the list of veggies mentioned in the song, as in “all”, Sean said. The back had the English translation of the veggies. And they are in the dish, pureed, dehydrated, etc. The texture of the black thingy is like sand but the taste is marvelous. And there are  slices of dried gourd (patola) to munch on – sweetish patola. I knew the two men wanted more of bahay kubo so after eating half of my share, I offered it to them and they halved it. (See, the tables and sofas were arranged so privately that the tables around you won’t know what you’re doing – breaking the rules of etiquette, for example).

photo 5

This was the “extra” beef we ordered and paid additional for under the five-course menu. It’s tenderloin served in black mashed potato, the black coming from squid ink. We all shared this and this was easily, for me, the best main dish.

Not in photos were a pork and chicken dish (grilled) and braised (stewed?) beef. And the desserts. It felt like being in a Singapore Airlines long-haul flight. The food (desserts) kept on coming, but most of them were care of the 7-course menu. One stood out – the truffle polvoron. And of course, the complimentary cake:

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.27.50

IT was a happy night altogether. Son said he should have done it for our 25th anniversary instead of the 26th. But those are just numbers, right?

Happiness at having a sweet son who treated us for our 26th and introduced us to Black Sheep which he had tried before and wanted us to enjoy as well.

The photos he took:

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.44.22

remember the prawns I mentioned earlier?

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.44.33

the bahay kubo thing. The ones protruding are the patola slices.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.44.43

The tomato meringue is the one that looks like a sandwich – cuapao; the one to its left lamb tartare. I didn’t get to try the lamb, the tomato meringue was okay.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.45.02

The braised beef brisket

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.45.13

the pork and chicken combo: one of them has tanglad (husband abhors tanglad), one has truffle. Froth is made of vinegar

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.45.34

Wood sorrel – I didn’t try this; it was sour, son said.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.45.24

The beef tenderloin with black mashed po – my favorite

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.45.58

coffee sponge cake with cigar – I didn’t try this; tastes like it smells, husband says. HE liked and finished it after son had a little.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.46.25

the truffle polvoron and bignay based chocolate. Didn’t try the bignay thing as I’ve never been a fan of the fruit

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.46.35

dulce de leche filled chocolate – yummy

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 09.46.44

Nescafe with vodka and coffee beans. I didn’t take this, not a coffee nor vodka fan. But son and   husband said “Sarap!”

Not in photo: cinnamon balls like churros, son remembers and maybe something else? I now forget.


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