We were in a resto in Power Plant where all the tables were occupied, But the waiter assured us we’d be seated shortly as a table had asked for their bill. And he was right.

Getting to the table was quite challenging, however. The resto is a tad small so one has to say “excuse me” several times, followed by “thank you” whenever one requests a chair to be moved a little and it is moved.

One table was occupied by old money, one of them the daughter of a Miss Camay. Her husband, the scion of an equally known family, was cheerful as he apologized when he realized he was blocking our way, even as he was carrying his son.

The table beside which ours was located had unfamiliar faces but the man seated there was no less a gentleman. It makes me happy when people are that way rather than patronizing, their social standing notwithstanding.

Adding to our happiness was accidentally bumping into a college classmate and his family. He stopped by our table and chatted, later his wife did the same. That was one happy lunch.

Shortly after, we were on R2, about to enter the elevator when time stood still as all eyes were riveted toward a couple. Blind item? I didn’t think about blogging about it but husband said I should. He said, “O, blog mo na.” I countered, “Ang alin?” I thought he was referring to how some passengers in the elevator were so thoughtless about keeping the doors open. But he was referring to the couple. Son said the guy was trying so hard to look young, the girl was a bit surly, here lips almost pouting, her usual demeanor anyway. The two went their separate ways… Not sowing intrigue here, just saying that’s what we saw. The couple is due to be married soon.

At home, husband said if the guy were a real politician, he’d have held the elevator door open for us. That he didn’t means he isn’t? There may have been other underlying reasons. Like stress?


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