TPS once blogged or wrote somewhere that she seemed to be running out of options as to courier services.

Am I too?

A Best so far has been okay except on two occasions:

one, it asked my niece to pick up the package at their office as they couldn’t find her place (?!)

two, it failed to deliver a package to my cousin because they couldn’t find his place; didn’t advice me at all about this until I called up. Had the package returned to me which they did. Resent it to cousin c/o LBC which cousin said knew his place, despite the paucity of details in his address. I guess, ABest is wanting in resourcefulness?

JRS – so strict, it would even open gift wrapped packages. I dread to see how they wrap it afterwards. Luckily, it’s HHA or HHB who goes to JRS so I haven’t witness to the mangling of the wrapping, or do they manage to keep it pristine?

LBC – horror story. Friday, per a friend’s instruction, I sent 8 banana cakes to her address in Paranaque. LBC accepted it; receipt stated delivery would be made Saturday.

It’s Monday now and the cakes haven’t yet been delivered. My friend left for Bacolod Sunday.

Possible consequences of this remissness:

a. my friend will be paying me for cakes that don’t materialize

b. the cakes will arrive with molds

c. my friend will give away the cakes

d. my reputation will be destroyed

e. cake recipients will suffer from food poisoning.

What to do?

Is LBC liable?

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