Where to buy a crystal ball?

Like Madam Auring’s?

Husband wants to launch a second career: manghuhula.

Joke. He wants to do some photography and needs one.

I’ve seen it in Amazon but fear it might break in transit.

Where is it available in our part of the world?


6 thoughts on “Where to buy a crystal ball?

    • I’ve heard of Joy lim, she used to come out on TV a lot. Sige, I’ll check the link. Baguio — hmm, maybe husband will be willing to go there for his crystal ball. Thanks, TPS!

      • When my friend wanted to get pregnant, nagpagawa sya ng bespoke crystal charm bracelet dun. She got pregnant, pero di ko sure kung dahil dun.
        Yung sa Porta Vaga, ang dami nila na crystal balls, iba-ibang sizes. Saka meron silang mga rock-like things that they sliced open, and nasa loob yung crystal growth.

        • Really? Should I tell someone I know who hasn’t gotten pregnant to get that cyrstal charm bracelet? I’ll share your other info with husband… Matutuwa yun. Thanks, TPS!

    • Serious question. Saan dun? May permanent stall? Husband was saying when I said I’d blogged, “Sino kaya sasagot?” I had a feeling you would be the one.

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