Son had been convincing me to watch this for ages. I think he finished the last episode of Season 3 last night and asked me to watch the series yet again.

I demurred because when I watched Suits some time back and another series that involved an investigator, I think, the men were so conceited, constantly flirting and preening themselves. So I went back to my K dramas.

Tonight, while all alone in the room, I decided to give Newsroom a go. Son assured me there was no flirt in the series, the male lead was fat, and the storyline reminded him of Cyrano de Bergerac. He also downloaded Don Quixote after watching Newsroom. Why, I wondered?

The first few minutes of Newsroom had me chuckling. It made me realize it’s a universal malaise of TV interviewers to ask questions and phrase them such that they’re longer than most answers they elicit. When such a one was asked the male lead, he said, “That sounds good, I’ll take it.”

Flippant and sarcastic. But his is an answer I’m sure many of us secretly applauded as it was a scathing commentary on how talkative news anchors/interviewers are to the point that they answer their own questions or leave their guests to say just yes or no to the proposition/suggestion they make.

If I finish the first episode and move on…. that will be an achievement. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a “cerebral” series. I used to watch Equalizer, LA Law, St. Elsewhere, etc.

We’ll see.


5 thoughts on “NEWSROOM, TV series

  1. Opo, that was the pilot. Another good one was when they covered Bin Laden’s assassination. Subtitles would be so great because they do talk so fast – it’s bad enough that I can’t get the pop culture references sometimes, haha.

    A common critique of The Newsroom is that it’s arrogant and self-righteous – please let me know po if you agree. I worry that I get so dazzled by the flashy dialogue that I overlook stuff like that.

    • Do you watch it streaming or do you download? After I watched the first episode, the next one required that I pay. 😦

      Will give you feedback if I get to watch more episodes though from the first one, I guess those are valid observations; but if Newsroom weren’t arrogant and self-righteous, might it not be as effective?

      • I stream it on watchseries po. I wish we have Netflix!

        I never saw it that way – come to think of it, it’s probably the arrogance that makes it so compelling for me.

  2. Hi Amelie. OH so that’s why son said the 3rd season was the last and he looked sad saying that. That monologue was gripping, complete with statistics to substantiate why not. Question – was that the first episode of Season 1? That was the episode I watched first. Son wasn’t home so I couldn’t ask him. Regardless, it was a good episode. Will ask son if he has watched The West Wing and Sports Night. I was asking son if subs are available (nasanay ako sa K drama) because sometimes they talk too fast, I can’t get what they’re saying.

  3. I can’t believe they really canceled it. 😦 The monologue on why America is NOT the greatest country in the world was excellent TV. Sorkin does great dialogue. But I have to confess, his work’s hard for me to digest. I watched Sports Night from start to finish, but I wasn’t as diligent with The West Wing and Newsroom. Di ko po talaga maintindihan minsan. 🙂

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