Socks and Mints

Odd title, I know, but remember this post on socks I got as a present but was hesitant to give lest I offend?

Well, weeks ago, I found these mints in Fully Booked at the SM Mega Fashion Mall.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 07.15.17

Got the tin to accompany the similarly themed socks.

The recipient, I heard, was thrilled.

Check out the description of the mints in Amazon

At the back of the can it says something like the claim in front is a joke.

Cute, no?


8 thoughts on “Socks and Mints

  1. Yes, she is. Actually my son’s age but we’ve become “friends”. What I wrote in the card that accompanied the present was something like, “Please forget it was I who gave these to you. Merry Christmas.”

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