The Gall

Back in college, we met for our PE class for the first time and the teacher proposed transferring the schedule to one where I’d have just 10 minutes to walk back to the college for my next class and that was during lunch. Ergo, I said aloud, “What about my lunch”, just loud enough for those beside me to hear. One of them was from this school along EDSA beside a mall. She retorted, “You can eat a sandwich, can’t you?” I just gave her the eye, but thereafter, my barkada and I (just 3 of us) referred to her as “Sandwich.” She has since been forgiven because she visited me in the hospital when I was confined.

This pm, I was mulling over what time we should leave for the airport on THursday to bring son. HHB said, “Pa taxi-ha na lang siya” in her loud, bosing voice. Ah, I didn’t shut up this time and said that I wanted to be the one to take him to the airport. She timidly said, “Ah.”

What gall.

Sometimes, I want to ask her, “Who’s the boss?”

Was she a queen in her previous life, ergo used to barking out orders?

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 16.45.20

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