Uratex and Power Mac

Thursday I’m bringing son to the airport in the WM. Presuming I won’t be too tired, I am wondering where to go afterward.

One thought was Uratex in Marikina to get a Scatola for the condo and a bed topper. The bed in the condo is rather low so when I am transferred to it, those who do have to bend lower than usual.

Months back, when I called Uratex, I was told a bed topper  would cost P9k for a queen. Today when I called, the young lady who took my call asked, “memory foam or egg crate (tray?)?” I asked what the difference between the two is. Aside from price (egg crate costs only P1500 for queen size), the girl said the memory foam is really soft. Then she asked further, “may bed sore ba ang gagamit?” Was she psychic or what? I didn’t let on but just asked why she asked. She said they don’t recommend memory foam for people with bed sores as it is too soft. They have a bio-something egg crate which they do and which sells for P1900.

I am impressed by the young lady. Unfortunately, I failed to catch her name. Paging Uratex Marikina. Ah, I called again. Her name: Lorraine.

And yes, I do have a bed sore. Could she have detected that from my voice? Just kidding but really, I am impressed. That’s really good service.


Last Sunday, I got an Otter case for my phone. I was iffy prior to doing so about which case to get but his store clerk, a man, suggested Otter as being sturdy, etc. I was convinced after he said, “Gusto niyo, i-try natin?” It fit like a glove after he gingerly put my phone in it. When I said he’d get it, he showed me the screen protector and knowing how difficult it is to put on the screen, I asked if he could do it. He said yes.

We had to wait a bit as he cleaned the cell phone really well, I was almost tempted to say never mind. but his dedication to the task was such that I didn’t have the heart to tell him to give up.

So we waited and waited. And finally he was done. I failed to get his name.

Oh by the way, this was Power Mac in Power Plant. Next time we go there I’ll try to get his name so he can be given proper credit here. I just mind remember his face.

10 thoughts on “Uratex and Power Mac

  1. Hi! I discovered your blog when I was searching for reviews about Uratex chairs. I was surprised to discover that they produce replicas of the very expensive Louis Ghost Chair and the Eames Rocking chair. I also encountered your previous post about the bad experience. 🙂

    I’m happy that their customer service has improved on you. 🙂 I might check out their Marikina branch after hearing your experience.

    • Hello Diane. Thank you for dropping me a line. I hope the reviews have helped. But I would like to share an experience last Christmas lunch. My sister’s son-in-law’s chair gave way. He fell to the floor. But I think the chair (monobloc or its ilk) was old to begin with. I guess the moral of the story is to watch out for cracks, or wear and tear when using any buying any chair.

      The ghost chair really looks so nice, no? Am not familiar with the rocking chair.

  2. Dear Uratex,
    Just wanted to thank you for your great customer service, sales, and quality of products offered. You guys are very accommodating and that is something that seems to be disappearing in the country. I’m glad I found out about you guys and I will not only continue to be a customer but have recommended your company to friends.
    I Remember months ago when I decided to change the mattress that a used. I inquired sa Marikina Branch nyo sa pag handle palang ng calls naramdaman kona special ako as customer,then customer service staff encouraged me to visit your Marikina Showroom Branch she said that she’s willing to assist me once na nag visit ako, even na di ako naka visit agad, nung hinanap ko sya I’m Happy kasi without mentioning my name naalala nya ko. She said Hi, Ma’am Cherry( with a nice smile on her face. Nakakatuwa maramdaman na importante ako as customer.
    Kaya nung mabasa ko yung good comment about Uratex Manikina nakarelate ako. Anyway, Thank You again.
    Specially sa girl na nag assist Saken from phone inquiry to showroom. I forget her name maybe she’s Aya or Aye (A great asset to her team and beyond.)

    Let your employees know their service is appreciated with an employee recognition note or award. 😃

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