Banned because I’m in a wheelchair!!!

We were in Resorts World a few hours ago and thought to check out the Duty Free shop on the ground floor. Whoa! We were stopped. The store clerk by the entrance said “Bawal po pumasok.” I asked why. Had she said that it was because I didn’t show my travel documents, I’d have understood her though she didn’t even ask that my son and I present anything to begin with. She just said what she did. Asked to explain, she said it was because I’m in a wheelchair. I was aghast, shocked, dumbfounded. She explained: I might break some bottles – the entrance was lined with shelves that had bottles of liquor. But actually, the aisles were big enough for my wheelchair to get through. And as I told her, shouldn’t your policy be that if I break anything, I pay?

She said she was just echoing what the supervisor said during their training. My son asked to talk to the supervisor but he was conveniently absent, according to her. When son said a case could be filed against them –building code et al. she asked someone to call the supervisor. Son said “Akala ko absent”. She said this was another supervisor. By then she told us we could go in so we did, not to browse but to see who the supervisor was. When told of what transpired the supervisor said it was a miscommunication. Those banned from entering were people with trolleys. He then said we could look around.

By then I had no inclination to do so. That supervisor also said the ban wasn’t applicable to outlet stores but those in airports. I said in France and Singapore I was never stopped from entering, neither was I stopped in NAIA 1.

Oh well. Son said he’ll write the president of RW. Whether he does or not, I don’t much care. I’ll just spend my money in Rustan’s and other SSI stores where I’m made to feel welcome and not a burden.

Makes me wonder: if the person in a wheelchair wishing to enter were a foreigner, would Maygene A. Avery (the one who refused me entry) have said the same or would she move the shelves to facilitate entrance?

So disgusting.


13 thoughts on “Banned because I’m in a wheelchair!!!

  1. I agree with you it’s plain DISGUSTING! Their bias is showing. I hope your son would file that formal complaint. And this is happening in our turf? It’s vile 😦

  2. When I get home I’ll check how I can contact DF. There was one thing I forgot to mention – the supervisor told the girl who banned us to say “Sorry”. She looked defiant and I couldn’t hear her apology, pointed this out to the supervisor. She kept muttering that that was the policy imparted to them during training. I was irate, she wasn’t contrite at all. Oh well maybe if during training they were told to do whatever, she’d do it without any second thought.

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