Resorts World 18 Dec 2014

Though son’s flight was at 3:20 pm, I coerced him to leave the house at 9:30 a.m. so we would avoid being stressed by unexpected(?) traffic. We got to RW at 10:30, but all the stores were closed. Only a few restos were open, among them TWG. Or was it the only one?

We chanced upon a young lady outside one of the stores and asked what time the stores would open, she said 12 noon.

There was a group rehearsing for a show in the atrium on the second floor: the males looked Eurasian, the females were possibly FIlipinos or Asians. A few minutes later, when we went to the ground floor, a bunch of students entered the mall, likely to watch the show.

Son and I had lunch at Passion on the second floor of Maxim’s. Passion has a dimsum buffet that’s really generous at P750 per. Aside from the dimsum offerings were appetizers and main courses, yang chow rice and pancit, dessert too. But they didn’t have leche flan.

The waiter who attended to us was enthusiastic and efficient. His name: Ronald Habachero. The other servers were equally okay, but RH’s enthusiasm set him apart.

Before we left the resto, a few nuns and several novices entered the resto. Had husband been there he’d have teased, “May seminar.” He says that when several nuns are present in one place.


RW has no parking slot available for high vehicles like the Wheelmobile. So Roger had to go quite a distance to park. I don’t know exactly where but he said it was far.

The trip to Naia 3 took 20 minutes though WAZE initially said it would take 10 minutes.

It’s always advisable to be near the airport when one has a flight; there’s no telling with the traffic.


There were several adorned jeepneys in Resorts World. Son said, there might be a competition ongoing. I liked this best among them:


Another image I took a picture of because son pointed it out to me was this. C, for you:


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