LED fluorescent bulbs

Is that an oxymoron? Does such a thing exist?

Months back, we bought two LED bulbs – the ones that are long and would be equivalent to the 50-watt fluorescent bulbs before LED came to be.

Two days ago, husband installed one in the old housing of the regular bulb after removing the starter. It worked fine except that the housing was so old it was near black. the LED lit the room really, really well. But we decided the housing had to be replaced with what we bought months back as well, in anticipation of the replacement of both.

I cannot figure out why but replacing the housing now directs the light to only one side of the room; it’s weird.

IMG_3053Thing is the bulb is frosted on one side, hence the problem. But what I cannot understand is why, when the old housing was used, this wasn’t a problem. OH, I said that already… 😦


You buy an LED bulb so you save on power bills but new issues arise.

Moral of the story:

a. When you buy an LED bulb, get the one that’s not frosted on one side. Does such exist? I don’t know because both bulbs we have are frosted on one side.

LED bulbs aren’t cheap but they’re supposed to be kinder to the environment and lower power bills.

But new issues arise. Oh I said that already too.

Oh well.


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