Near midnight

I am not out too often, much less late at night, so I looked with wonder as we left the house at 11 pm to fetch son at the airport. Though his flight was due to arrive at 1140 and I told husband we should leave the house at 1045 as WAZE said getting to the airport would take just 35 minutes, while the path was paved with good intentions, the reality wasn’t. well not in a tragic way, just some missed turns along the way.

But prior to describing those, as we went past Ortigas the street remained busy and many buildings lit. Trucks, buses, taxis were all over making me rue that while most nights at that time I would be snug in my bed yawning or watching a K drama, outside people continued to earn a living, have a nightcap, or find a place to sleep. A few others were on their way home, no doubt. It made me realize life isn’t that harsh on me, I should constantly count my blessings.

Then the harsh reality struck as traffic in EDSA reared its ugly head. Particularly after Ayala.

I had WAZE on but I wasn’t too close to husband. So he took the wrong lane in the flyover and headed toward the Pasay area while WAZE said he should have taken the rightmost lane toward SLEX. Luckily, he asked how far Evangelista St was and I told him Waze said it was 350 m. He veered the car to the right except that while WAZE said we should stay on the right and take General Santos St, we missed that and had to turn some street on to Gen del Pilar. From Gen del Pilar, Waze said to take Osmena Boulevard to the Skyway. Husband took the rightmost lane and we didn’t end up in the skyway. Instead, we landed back where we started, we had to take the turn to Evangelista, Gen Santos, Gen del Pilar and finally the Skyway. The skyway was a breeze, made me wish all roads in our country were similarly devoid of traffic.

At a certain point, husband was again confused but we did end up where we should, on the road leading to Resorts World onward. The street fronting Naia 3 was filled with cars because of the construction of another flyover. Husband complained, I said never mind, it will improve traffic when it’s done. We took maybe  20 minutes there and another 20 just before we got to the arrival parking entrance in NAIA 3. All told, our trip took 1.5 hours.

We were blessed with good parking just near the Christmas tree.


Around 1242 – yes son’s Cebu Pacific flight from Osaka was delayed an hour, son said the wheels of the plane were down. It took him another hour to get out from the airport. Luggage took too long to come out, he said. Checked in luggage, that is.

Son took some of the Oreo mint cookies and cold water I brought to welcome him with. I think this is the second time I’ve done that – bring him food and drink to take as soon as he got into the car. I know how tiring a plane trip can be, I feel parched in the car myself after traveling a bit.

From the airport, I asked that we stop at some McDo for some snacks. we had fries, sandwiches and drinks and got home around 3 a.m. traffic wasn’t as bad from the airport through the skyway to Makati. From Makati to QC, there was traffic, some road repairs along EDSA in front of the Shrine were taking place.

One cannot but be grateful for people who work the graveyard shift, fixing roads, taking food orders, ferrying people home or to work.

Near midnight and after.

PS – One of the trucks I saw at around 2 am was an LBC truck. No wonder its courier service doesn’t refuse new business even as ABEST and JRS have been doing since a few days ago.


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