UP Town Center

It’s been a while since we went to UP Town Center, largely because finding a place to park has always been a bit challenging. Over the past few months, our only “contact” with UTC has been to order take out from restos like Shrimp Bucket, Ginza Barin, Boon Tong Kee, and 8 Cuts Burger.

This pm, we went there to meet up with a nephew who’s over for Christmas. As suggested by one of my sisters months ago, we tried to find a parking slot in the first entrance from the church. Lo and behold there were a few slots available still. And so we parked.

Amazing how over the past few months, UTC has gathered flesh in terms of restos and stores. If all tenants with intentions to set up there make good their intention, we won’t have to venture farther than Katipunan to do the grocery, eat out, etc. Didn’t see any sign of Marks & Spencer so I might still need to go elsewhere; still a few of those due to open include Wellworth, a supermarket, etc. Already open are Penguin, Keds, Crisostomo, Recovery Food, Clean Plate, Breadery, Aeropostale, Gostoso, etc. Ramen Nagi has a signage but has yet to open along with several others. Exciting times ahead.

Hopefully, more parking space will be made available as more stores open.

For those in wheelchairs, there’s an elevator in the first building that goes to the second floor where lies a tube that leads to the new building.

In the new building there’s a sign of an elevator that has yet to materialize. It will likely lead to the third floor of the new building. The elevator is a tad small but luckily not too many people use it. Hooray for us PWDs. we don’t have to compete.

Some photos:

IMG_3121 IMG_3122 IMG_3123 IMG_3124


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