It’s rechauffe time!

Wonder for how many days we’ll be having rechauffe before I go nuts.

Last night we had pastel de lengua and gambas.The gambas was totally consumed, the lengua only half so. Perhaps 3 times then?

This noon we had lunch at my sister’s. Another sister who came from Bacolod brought lumpiang ubod. Rechauffe tonight for me with the lengua. And galantina from the other day from my sister.

The amount of ham HHA sliced for media noche was just enough so no rechauffe from that yet.

What about you?

Our potluck lunch was at a sister’s today, so she has leftover food galore. I wonder how many days they will feast/suffer through rechauffe.


My sister was at Rustan’s and Shoppersville two days ago and she said they had run out of Coke Litro and bigger. She was able to buy from Save More and Mercury Drug. Cheaper at Save More, she said.

Time was what would run out was questo de bola. Now, soft drinks?????

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