Going to Tagaytay Highlands Following Waze

In the past, whenever my sister would invite us to TH, we would always take the Sta Rosa exit in SLEX. But Waze had another thought altogether. It recommended Batino. What? Isn’t in QC? But we were docile so we took said route.

IN a post long ago, I wrote of how we traveled to Ilocos Norte by land, starting out at 10 am so that by dusk and later, we were nowhere near. And we were running low on gasoline. Velocity was the premium gasoline of Shell and husband, being a stickler to certain standards, refused to gas up using anything different, even if that meant driving on and on and on and on until we were blessed with a gasoline station that sold Velocity.

Batino Road is 10km long. It reminded me of going to the outskirts of our town to visit our maid’s mother for some free food. Okay, maybe not, but she did serve us Coke at the very least.

The road in Batino was concrete but narrow, good for only two vehicles traveling abreast. At one point, therefore, we waited it out as a truck was parked on one lane and the moving vehicle behind it couldn’t get through. We were coming from the opposite direction.

Son said going through Batino at night wouldn’t be that safe. There were open fields planted to sugarcane or corn. There was at least one chapel. There was a Filinvest subdivision being developed.Not yet populated. You get the drift.

But traveling through Batino had its pluses. No traffic ergo we got to our destination more quickly. At the end of 10km, a few meters later, we saw the entrance to Tagaytay Midlands, which posed a problem. Our name and plate number had been given to the main gate, so we weren’t let in by the guard in the Midlands gate until they clarified the matter, maybe some 20 minutes later.

So there, if you’re going to TH and you’re not alone, you might want to try out Batino.

Good luck.


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