Kimpura Trinoma

For the past five years, New Year’s Day dinner has always been in Heat at EDSA Shang. In 2009, I had asked my son a question during our NY dinner that was timely and that made HEAT special for us – it was re the possibility of his joining a program of the school for which he never thought to ask us if he could join as he knew we couldn’t afford it. But that night, when I asked him, he was surprised I did – the applications had been rendered open but he hadn’t applied, thinking it was impossible. SO did we, but I was willing to devote my savings to his going because it was an opportunity too good to be missed. And so he joined and January 1 in HEAT became special thereafter.

Months ago, we had dinner in Heat, I forget why. But the quality and quantity of the food weren’t as impressive. So yesterday, 1 Jan 2015, going there wasn’t a foregone conclusion though I thought it would remain so until son asked, “Where will we have dinner?”

I called a few restaurants but no one was answering: 100 Revolving Restaurant in LIbis, for instance. Then I thought to call Kimpura in Trinoma. No one was answering. THis was 3 pm. Called Greenbelt and was told they would be open for dinner but the resto was full. I asked about Trinoma and the lady in Greenbelt said someone should take my call as they always have a skeleton force to do so.

I called Kimpura in Trinoma again, but chose the fax number instead.

Voila, a human voice took my call, I reserved dinner for 3. Asked what his name was, the voice said, “Guard”.

By 6 I got a text from Kimpura seeking confirmation. Hooray for efficiency!

By 7 we were there.

Ordered the wagyu teppanyaki and got value for money. Every bite was yum.

Also got the foie gras which I thoroughly enjoyed. Four slices atop radish. Son got half a slice, husband a slice, I had 2.5 slices. Husband ate the radish.

At one point during our meal, a hand was laid on my shoulder and someone called my son by his name. It was the supervisor who used to be in the Greenhills branch.  I was so touched she hadn’t forgotten son’s name! True, son began going to  Kimpura Greenhills as soon as he could have solid food and there we’ve always felt so welcome. At times, we would even ask to use their powder room even when we weren’t dining in but were experiencing an “emergency” of sorts. Oops, I hope this bit of info will not get management’s ire. But it is this Kimpura brand of service plus the food of course that has kept us coming.

And come to think of it, it was in Kimpura Makati (Then near Rustan’s) where we celebrated Papa’s birthday with our mother still around. This was in March 1978.

So yes, Kimpura is truly special.

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3 thoughts on “Kimpura Trinoma

  1. Yes, they are. Though a priest said too that when there are contentious issues to discuss during a meeting, there’s nothing like food to make things more cordial. So we really need food… rationalizing so early in the year.

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