Empress Ki updated

Weeks ago, friends recommended I watch this K drama. It wasn’t the first time EK came into my consciousness. After watching Secret Hotel, I had googled the lead actor in SH and saw he was part of EK, but wasn’t the lead. Further, the 51 episodes comprising EK were daunting. Jang Bori was an exception. I liked how the male lead there was so jolly and cute. EK is a historical drama. Susan, what’s the term for that?

SO why did I venture into watching EK? The other series I was watching except for PInocchio and Pride and Prejudice weren’t too much fun to watch. What Happens to My Family has a dad who’s dying of cancer, Mr. Back has an implausible plot, as did Birth of a Beauty.

So I began watching EK. It was engrossing initially, but as the series proceeded, I was turned off by the blood, gore, meanness of characters, etc. SO while the people were fighting, I’d open another tab and play Candy Crush or Soda, wait for the sound from the series to change into voices that weren’t screaming from being struck to death, and resume watching.

I’m now in Episode 44 but the revelation I thought should have been made earlier, hasn’t been. On the 51st episode then? Huh?????????

The cast is mostly good, it’s the story that plods on largely due to the fight scenes which I detest. The meanness level of the characters is oftentimes unbelievable, but if they say that’s how it was then, so be it.

I can’t wait to finish the series. I hope its resolution will be happy.

Thereafter, I shall go back to PInocchio, Pride and PRejudice, restart Valid Love, start Healer, etc. The list is long. I guess I’ll resume watching What Happens to My Family if only to see how it ends, Birth of a Beauty — ahhhh. The male lead in BB I used to like, but his acting has grown formulaic. His tone of voice, his mannerisms, facial expressions, don’t differ from series to series.

Back to EK’s last 8 episodes.

Watched up to Ep 47 and decided I should stop, jumped to episode 51 and was dismayed. I watched part 1, then part 2 – still more of the same, then jumped to part 4, to the end. It was a flashback.

I don’t care about EK’s conclusion, that I can say. How many hours did I waste on it?

Oh well……..

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