Sarah of Quick Delivery (2121212)

This pm, I wanted to give HHA a break by ordering food. As I had a troublesome experience with 87878 on 31 December (the food came 1.5 hours late, they said 40 minutes after scheduled time the rider was in the vicinity and would come in 15 minutes; when I called after 15 minutes they said the rider was in Cubao and came 30 minutes after), I thought to give myself a break and order from a partner of Quick Delivery instead. Sarah took my call.

She guided me into finding the menu of Bulgogi BRothers in the delivery entity’s website but I just couldn’t. She said she’d email me the menu but when I said I’d check BB’s menu instead, she acceded. My choices though weren’t in QD’s version of BB”s menu. I suggested she call BB and she did, after which she called me.

WHen I told her I have a PWD card, she said I needed to fax it. I said I don’t have fax, she suggested my emailing it instead to Did that except that the email bounced, the mailbox of the recipient was full.

TO cut a long story short, Sarah again called me saying she hadn’t received my email, I told her the problem, she got my ID Number instead. What I like most about her is that she was energetic, driven, eager to be of help.

QD, you are lucky to have Sarah in your employ. She is anything but phlegmatic.

Way to go, Sarah.


Bummer, Bulgogi Brothers. BB doesn’t give free banchan for food delivered at your doorstep. You have to pay for it. Unfair. COnsider this, when you eat in the resto, it’s unlimited. Imagine if the likes of Ginza Bairin also didn’t supply cabbage and rice when you order food from it for delivery because these are served on an unlimited basis in the resto.

Oh well. That’s the last time I order from BB via delivery. 😦

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