Addendum to Gallimaufry 1

* While we were along the bridge joining one building to another in SM Megamall, I overheard a portion of a conversation between a woman (50s?) and a man (I didn’t see how he looked). She was telling me, “HIndi naman ako mukhang magnanakaw.” Was this exchange for real or were they trying to distract us? If it was the latter, they didn’t succeed as the din in Megamall is hardly conducive to conversation.

* we were in a shop in Mega Fashion Hall. I bought tiles for the oven toaster to be laid on top of. The receipt (invoice) was wide bond paper large. Clerk handed it to husband who told him to give it to me. I couldn’t resist, I said, “Akin na, marunong naman ako sumulat eh. Mean? He lamely said thereafter, “Kasi ma’am mahaba eto.” Actually, only the paper was huge. I filled up maybe 4 blanks. He was a nice person, by the way. Just unenlightened.

*Or perhaps I look senile. I haven’t dyed my hair in months, the white strands now measuring maybe 3 inches from my scalp. At one point, we were waiting for the elevator doors to open. There was a family raring to go in. But the elevator lady firmly told them to let me in first. The oldest in that family said, “Paunahin mo muna si Lola.” Reminded me of Rosa Rosal saying “po” to me in National Bookstore aeons ago. And another woman asking me about my “apo” when my son was but 3 years old. Was it because I looked old? Or was it the stereotype: wheelchair is indicative of old age.

Truth to tell, the woman who told the child to let me in first looked older than me, hahaha. Wishful thinking except that she didn’t have a strand of white hair. So maybe I’m just being mean by saying she looked older than me/ And so early in the year!

I didn’t issue any retort, I just sulked for a second.

I must dye my hair tomorrow. Blonde. or Copper. Or red, blue violet? Roygbiv?


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