Gallimaufry 1 for 2015

Went to Megamall for several reasons:

a) to have dimsum and pork buns at TIm Ho Wan

b) to buy bread from Jipan

c) to buy gifts at Philosophy

d) to buy paint by number kits for two friends


THW was full, as usual. Son volunteered to line up while his father and I went to Jipan for bread. But while we were having our purchases in Jipan totaled, son kept texting, calling, etc. advising us about how close we were to being seated. It got to a point where husband really pushed me fast, I wasn’t taking son’s messages and calls as I was holding 3 bags of Jipan bread, etc. Ultimately, we got there after 5 or 6 other groups who should have been seated after us were seated before we came. The people in THW assured us we’d have a table soon. But as tables accorded to PWDS are those outside, it appeared we had to wait a while.

Then one of the THW personnel said they’d give us a table at the VIP room, a small function room with a hodgepodge of customers. Our table was comfy, they removed two chairs so I could be positioned comfortably. Happy lunch.


There were several breads to choose from in Jipan and I wanted to pay part of my purchase using my ZAP points but the cashier misunderstood and charged everything to my credit card. Oh well. Not to worry though as ZAP points don’t expire. JIpan gives 5% of total purchase in points.


Philosophy is on the second floor of Mega Fashion Hall. May handled my purchases and reminded me it was she who did so the last time too as Elaine had been transferred to Glorietta by then. They had some items being sold at discounts except that as I was looking out for birthday presents, I couldn’t possibly buy the Holiday packs. They had nice gift ideas though. One pack has the message “Thank You” written on it, another says “Birthday Girl” and still another has “I think you’re wonderful.”

May told me to be sure to go there on my birth month so I can get a present from Philosophy. She also gave me a coupon for free facial worth P750. I think this was what Elaine had given me in the past. It’s a very restful experience, actually.


Paint by numbers: for want of choices for my profile photo in FB, I chose to put up a picture of my Paint by Numbers project completed months ago, a thoroughly juvenile undertaking for those good in painting, a challenge still for the likes of me who can’t draw a long straight line even. Much to my surprise, my posting of the work as my profile photo drew “likes” and two friends were curious about it; my sister called up about how I did it.

First stop for possible sets was Fully Booked. How hard headed could I get? Months back, I had already asked and been told that their Greenbelt and BGC branches have it but not the Mega Fashion Hall. Still I asked and was of course given an answer that was totally expected. They didn’t have any.

Went to the stand alone kiosk (?) still on the fourth floor and looked at the choices available. They were extremes of each other. Very difficult ones and very childlike ones. Plus the price was so much higher than what I had bought in National Bookstore in SM Aura.

Though NBS is so far from Mega Fashion Hall, son insisted we go there and so we did. Initially, our search proved futile. Then some lady in the supplies section showed me a few. No numbers indicated but a prototype of the painted version was part of the set. Got that for a friend who wants to make them for her grandchildren. One had dinosaurs in it, another had a fairy. Yes, she has one grandson and one granddaughter.

For my other friend, I went back to the kiosk and chose something the girl suggested. This friend has a painter-uncle so I’m sure she has some hidden talent lurking and waiting to be challenged and unearthed.

Hopefully, my two friends will enjoy the experience of painting as I did. I won’t be surprised if they’ll take it up more actively thereafter.


An aside. As we were waiting for an elevator on the fourth floor of Mega Fashion Hall, there were several others ahead of us. A family man who was with his wife, son and daughter, saw us. When the elevator door opened, he motioned for us to enter ahead. A lady in front of us who proceeded to enter was shouted out. Either he said “Stop” or “Let them go ahead.” Regardless, he looked very much like a person of authority who wouldn’t brook defiance, so that lady stopped on her tracks and let us in first. I thanked the man and he smiled back. As he went out the elevator ahead of us on a higher floor, he looked at us and I smiled and thanked him again. I also said a prayer for him and his family. Without saying a word to me, I was assured he wanted to say, “I have your back.” So touched when I experience such.


Oh another aside: As we transferred from one building to another, along the bridge was a man who smiled warmly. He looked familiar so I smiled back. Then I realized who he was: the brother of a good friend I made back when my son was in high school. My son was part of an org that staged plays and this man whose son had since graduated, continued to help out. Sadly, two weeks after my son’s graduation which he and his wife had attended the dinner for, he passed away. It was in the course of the wake and some dinners and lunches thereafter that we were introduced to his brother. We never conversed but he looked so happy to see us today. We still didn’t exchange words, just smiles, but it felt really happy. But sad at the same time as again, the memory of  our friend came back. I cried buckets then because he was such a good man, and to lose such a one so suddenly was truly sad.

Still and all we continue to remain in touch with his wife and children; the smile from his brother this afternoon was most heartwarming and reassuring. The friendship lives on.


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