To have a lock picked or not

Yesterday, husband went to Makati to have the studio general cleaned, a thing I had fixed with Au Beau Blanc before Christmas. I gave him the receipt to attest to the fact that the task had been paid for. But I clean forgot to give him the keys and he clean forgot to ask him. Schedule of cleaning: 8:30 am.

As is his wont, husband left the house 8 a.m. Earlier he had asked how long Waze said the trip would take. Waze had said 21 minutes, but I told husband, 30. I am a witch, remember?

Then at around 830 he texted. He had forgotten the keys, a fact I hadn’t noticed nor remembered until he said so. I asked if admin could open the door. He inquired and was told it could for a fee: 700 per lock. Two locks: 1400. Cleaning fee was P1.2something k.

Meanwhile, cleaners texted: no one was answering in the unit. I said husband was in lobby. They’d go there they said.

Husband texted again – after the lock is picked, replacement keys should be made. Another expense. I told him to ask the cleaners if the cleaning could be postponed/rescheduled. They said an hour’s delay would be all right, but no rescheduling. Lock picking couldn’t be canceled, the request that is, and a fee of P200 would be charged for having made the request as the lock picker was on his way.

Fine, paying P200 was better than P1400 for having locks picked.

The solution arrived at was for husband to come home and get the keys, go back and have the unit cleaned.

Hooray for no-traffic mornings after Christmas.

PS: having a duplicate key made would have cost P1000 plus; for at least 4 keys, at least P4k.

So it was done….


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