Rechauffe enhanced

With husband and son on vacation prior to Jan 5, 2015, leftovers galore populated our refrigerator. What to do?

a. discard them altogether – which per our religion class teachers of yore said would get us a seat in Purgatory

b. serve them as rechauffe

So of course you know what I had done: launch another rechauffe night. Last night consisted of chicken lollipop and salmon prepared Conti’s style. So dry, right?

What to do?

A few weeks ago, cleaned out some stuff in the ref that resulted in the unearthing of some others that could still be used (a number like sauces from pizza and burger orders were discarded). One of those unearthed which husband saw and which made him make a slurping sound was this one:

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 05.53.00

Bought I don’t know when and where any longer, though I think I did write about it in a blog post, it has remained good and accompanied dinner last night. So the rechauffe was not laid to waste. Hooray!

Get a bottle if you see one!

(This isn’t a paid endorsement, mind you.) The brand’s website has a lot of recipes that contain this sauce besides. Click here for one such.


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