NSO Helpline

Tonight son said he needs our birth certificates, his father’s and mine. Scrounge around several folders and envelopes to check for extant copies. I knew I had news one issued last year so I was confident. But where did HHB put them? Scrounge some more. Found copies of mine but not the latest I requested. Still they would suffice given that they already had the corrections indicated in the margin – spelling errors: ANOTNIA instead of ANTONIA and a “plea” that MA in lieu of MARIA would also be acceptable.

But nowhere could we find a copy of husband’s birth certificate.

Last time, I had googled and found at least 3 entities offering online applications for copies of birth certificates. I still relied on NSO after one of the rest asked for something I was too lazy to furnish.

Tonight, so as not to be stressed, I called 7371111. The voice that took my call was very upbeat, competent, and pleasant. No cockiness, no manifestations of ennui.

When we were almost done and she said I’d have to deposit my payment to Metrobank, I flinched a little. Oops, not because of the armored van near hit but because of the extra effort required. I asked, had I applied online I could have paid with my credit card, right? She said yes. But she added, even if I had ordered the certificates by phone, I could still pay online. Really?

I was pleased as punch; I asked her to lead me through to avoid mistakes. Actually, I could have done it by myself but just wanted to be sure. The steps were easy: go to nsohelpline.com, there will be choices presented immediately in separate boxes: ORDER ONLINE, PAY ONLINE, and one more. Ergo, one could go directly to PAY ONLINE provided one had either ordered online or made a request via 7371111 and confirmed the request.

It was a breeze. Cenrie Mendoza, how I wish there were more of you around, not just in NSO, taking calls and answering questions competently and with a smile. I could hear the smile in your voice.

Thank you for a positive experience.


2 thoughts on “NSO Helpline

  1. Hi Diane. When you picked up the certificate, what was the charge for it? I paid P350 per certificate but these will be delivered. Also, how many days did it take for your certificates to be delivered?

  2. I tried almost all of their systems in requesting for birth certificates. I once paid via BDO online, debited to my account. It worked and delivered way before my expected duration. I also tried SM Payment Center, another impressive approach too. Although the disadvantage, you have to personally visit and pick up your certificates. Nonetheless, I’m impressed 😉

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