Sui, I remembered you!

Son had a medical test for employment purposes today, ergo he fasted last night and hurriedly had a burger to beat the 12-hour requirement prior to the test. That being so, I thought he should have a special lunch today and asked what he wanted: La Creperie’s crepe, he said. Husband ordered spaghetti bolognese.

This post is about what I ordered. This:

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 13.07.34Among the add-ons I had caramelized onions, fresh mixed mushrooms and emmenthal and mozzarella cheese added – P20 + P55 + P55= P130 on top of the P165 the burgers (plain) cost. That’s P295.

What I got:

IMG_3210 (1)

The burger x 3 and maybe twice the amount of fries in the photo. No problem with those.

But the add ons: the burger I got (just one, son ate one, I’m giving the third to husband) had just one slice of mushroom, not a mix of mushrooms. The cheese I know is expensive so I’m not griping about that. The onions, mine had a 1.5 in slice.

With the cost attributed to the onions, I could have put in one whole mushroom caramelized in butter, for the mushrooms, one whole can. And I wasn’t expecting that much but certainly, more than one slice of onion and one slice of mushroom in 1/3 of the order.

So Sui, I remembered you. Have you been there since the last time?


4 thoughts on “Sui, I remembered you!

  1. Awww, this made me smile 🙂
    Haven’t been there since the last time. Just asked son which resto he remembers as having the best burger and he immediately said that it’s that of Sweet Tomato Grill in St Luke’s, QC. A priest friend of ours from New York (who’s largely a meat eater) also validates the same. Have you heard of the place?

    • Hi Sui. Nice to “see” you again. No, I’ve not heard of Sweet Tomato Grill. Please tell me if and when they open a branch outside the hospital. I am scared of hospitals unless it’s to visit someone who gave birth. 🙂

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