New “discoveries”

On our way to Makati this morning, I saw Bagoong CLub along Katipunan Avenue in White Plains. I almost told husband to stop the car so we could just have lunch there. That was around 11:30 and no car was parked in front of it; but as the plan was to visit Century Mall, I merely said, “let’s buy dinner there, take out.”

We reached Century Mall via Makati Avenue I think. I’m useless where determining  routes is concerned. Just rely on Waze.

Parking wasn’t a problem. Charge was P50, payable upon exit. Note that Shang Mall has upped its parking fee to P50 also. I teased my husband when he told me the day before the escalation, “Let’s go”, just as people, ourselves included, rush to the gas station when we learn of an impending price increase for oil products.

Son has been to Century Mall a few times. To Gramercy, a bar at the top floor I think, and consider this, CM is the highest building in Makati now, the building that used to be such (Pacific Star) looks so puny now. We could see it from Century Mall.

But we weren’t in CM for Gramercy; we wanted to have lunch at Hole in the Wall.

Hole is like a high-end fast foods place; it is enclosed by glass walls and doors. Note though that quite a number of outlets were closed for lunch. I think son was even thinking we should eat elsewhere.

But we made do, particularly because I was curious about the first entity I saw. Kwong something, right smack at the center and in front. Ordered quite a lot–my malaise when I visit a place for the first time: veggie lumpia (promise – I like veggies if they’re served as lumpia), mantou with crab sauce (highly recommended by the cashier), chicken wings with salted egg, and a beef ribs (stew) dish – think galbi jim. Husband ordered pork cheek in rice.

Meanwhile, son ordered from the chicken place he usually goes to: one spicy chicken piece, another chemical chicken piece (how honest – to actually declare it had “chemicals”!). Aware this might shock him, the spiciness that is, he ordered waffles to go with it.

The verdict: the lumpia was very generous. A really big one was served halved. Problem is the ends weren’t secure, the wrap didn’t account for the ends. So you can imagine what a mess I was eating it.

The beef I didn’t fancy too much. Did it have anise? Neither husband’s pork cheek. The chicken wings were okay. Did I forget anything?

Note that servings are generous so I felt like a fool; ordering the lumpia alone would have sufficed. Just half of it would have sufficed. I envied the man in the next table who was eating just one cuapao. Oh well, will I ever learn? Adding to my feeling of my alarm was when I said, “let’s take out the left overs” to which missive son said, “do they allow it?” Remember my posts before re Ramen Nagi and Ippudo which don’t allow it? Inagiku in Edsa Shang Hotel also.

Luckily the men serving water were cordial and when we asked one of them, he said takeout was allowed. Whew. So we just had rechauffe for dinner, yet again.

Near the entrance of Hole in the Wall is a cookie place where you can concoct your own. But that would take a while so we just got what was there: son had  the green tea macha, I got 3 kinds (they sell some cookies in sets of 3 – I’m not rationalizing, honest – a peanut butter thing, a chocolate thing and a cranberry thing. Husband got Inception which was described as “a cookie within a cookie within a cookie.” Such things intrigue him, and he liked the film Inception.

In the atrium of the fourth floor, just outside Hole in the Wall was a man doing a painting. There were tables and containers of paint, canvases too but around that time, it was only he and his girl Friday who were there. Lessons cost P500 per hour. I am thinking about it but likely the idea will remain at the level of thought.

ON the other floors are: Fully Booked though the mall’s website says it’s opening soon, Office Warehouse which was a bit tight for my wheelchair, Dimensione, a Murano store, Samsonite, Crabtree & Evelyn, Beauty Bar, Pandora and Philip Stein, Parker pens, Toby’s something (a coffee place, not a sports place), Uniqlo, Cotton On, Planet Sports, Nike, Healthy Options, Rustan’s Supermarket.

TWG seemed to have closed its doors – its glass walls were lined with craft paper, some of its stuff were on the floor. We saw this scene one floor up.

From the parking  area, there are two ways one can go up. There’s a walkalator to the level where the supermarket is, there are elevators too. As we had gone up via the elevator and down via the walkalator, we were uncertain as to where we had parked the car. The security guard overheard us and pointed to the other direction. Smart security guard. He was right.


Incidentally, I committed another blunder. Friday, I had Gavino’s mochi balls delivered via City Delivery. As minimum for delivery was P500, I ordered two boxes of 15. Even as I recalled one untouched box waiting here at home, when I saw Isla Cafe in front of Rustan’s Supermarket, I couldn’t resist. I chose 10 pieces, the guy manning the place said, “Ma’am, 12 na para may box.” Sucker me agreed. Then I saw cassava which I like, husband was looking at the kutsinta, son said there’s pichi-pichi. So there, we have a surfeit of things to munch on that are perishable.

IT’s 2015 but the malaise stays – I am an old dog and it’s difficult to teach me new tricks.

Some photos:

The view from our table in Hole in the Wall – condos being constructed. Owned by Century Properties


The interior of Hole IN the Wallimage

The thingies that lit up to indicate our orders were readyIMG_3222

IMG_3223the humongous lumpia that had chorizo canton bits

IMG_3226 IMG_3227 IMG_3228 IMG_3229

Remnants of Christmas past inside Hole in the Wall:

IMG_3236 IMG_3237

Entrance of Hole in the WallIMG_3235

Buddha Bar down belowIMG_3231

The man in charge of Isla Cafe spoke straight Tagalog (Filipino). With a smile. I was so impressed I giggled; he was amazing!

IMG_3243 (1)

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