Barefoot in the House

Are you old enough to have experienced having HH who went barefoot when inside the house of their employer? I remember those days vividly.

But things have changed. Now, HHs enter the house with whatever slippers they wear outside of it. Is this a human rights issue?


Years back, before I was into K dramas, I was taken aback when son told me he was requested to go barefoot whenever he went to the houses of his friend. The household didn’t have help.

Then I began watching K dramas and saw how even the affluent would change into slippers upon entering the house. There had to be a reason for this practice.

Cleanliness, apparently.


A nephew who’s based in Taiwan and has a family of his own marveled over the fact that we allow shoes into the house, or commented on it (are you reading this, P?). As he cleans their house, I guess we can appreciate where he is coming from.


This post was actually “inspired” by my seeing HHA suddenly mopping the side of my bed, though I have yet to bathe and come back into the room with a drenched wheelchair. I asked her if some liquid had spilled. Her answer: mud from the slippers of HHB stuck to the floor.

I rest my case.


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